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Oya-Yansa  Read Yemaya , Oshun y OYa from the story Historia De Los Orisha by moi_aguiar (moises esteves) with 2137 reads. oya (@her_mentality) on Instagram: “Coachella 2018 The category here was : boobies out but I only managed half way. Oct 10, 2017 · Oya yansa The Orisha of winds, lightning, and violent storms, death and rebirth Yemaya (Great Divine Mother of the Orisas) by ELLA ANDALL - Duration: 37:13. yemaya. Don't let it go to waste. Su nombre proviene de Yorùbá Òyá (Oló: dueña - Oya: Oscuridad) también conocida como Yansá del Yorùbá Iyámsá (Iyá: madre -Omó: hijos - Mesá: nueve). she lives on top Ram is the favorite food of Chango and Yemaya (and Inle too). (3) Oya is one of the most powerful African Goddesses (Orishas). Oct 09, 2017 · Oya is an awesomely strong face of the beautiful prism that is the Divine Feminine. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. Quantity Welcome to Oya N’Soro: Oya Speaks! Written on September 20, 2011 at 8:23 pm by Baba Kefentse Akim Bandele. Oya is the Orisha of the Niger River, formerly called Oya, by its 9 tributaries. Paintings and myths of goddesses from different cultures. Oyá's army is made up of egun (spirits of the dead), and she uses violent winds to blow away everything in her path. , and  The latest Tweets from Oshun✨Yemaya✨Oya (@KylaAolani). Babaluaye . rezos a oshun. Measurements 9"W X 12"H. Passionate, fearless, sensual and independent, Oya is not a Goddess to be invoked lightly and must be treated with respect and care. Yemaya is syncretized to the Stella Maris and the Black Madonna of Regla. Name *. Es la dueña de las riquezas de todos los mares y océanos, de sus perlas, conchas, caracoles, corales y peces. Los vientos de Oya portan el polen de diferentes plantas de uno a otro lugar. Santeria,Mazos,eleke,Collares,Orisha crowns,Lukumi,ilde,coronas santo,santos,Oggun,Oya,Ochun,yemaya,Chango,Aggayu,Eleggua,Orula,Obatala irukes,iruke,olokun,Obba,set Oshun Y Yemaya Oshun Goddess Oya Orisha Shango Orisha Ifa Religion Yoruba Religion African Mythology African Goddess Yoruba Orishas The Orisha Horoscope is one of the least widespread horoscopes and therefore known of all horoscopes in the world. Is a Yemaya of large breasts. 9" Yemaya Figurine Statue Yemoja Ochun Oya Santeria Oricha. Özkardeş en iyi fiyatla Hepsiburada'dan satın alın! Şimdi indirimli fiyatla online sipariş verin, ayağınıza gelsin! This Journal is scheduled to be released the week of July 4. Yemaya is a mother goddess, the goddess of home, fertility, love and family. Ochosi Ogun Osun Shango. OYA You are the one who has protected me, making sure no harm came to me, while showing justice to all who came near to harm me. Once she arrived at the market place she noticed that Oya was still there tending to the market. Currently it is associated with the Ògún River and a cult pays in those areas where the river runs, particularly in Once upon a time, Yemaya lived in the cemetery and Oya in the sea. Olokun guards the tumultuous depths of the ocean, while Yemaya protects the upper surfaces of the ocean where the light reflects and living things thrive. 5" Orisha OYA Statue Santeria Lucumi Yoruba Figure Goddess of Wind & Storm Yemaya is a mother goddess, the goddess of home, fertility, love and family. She went to the only thing that was open which was the market to see what she can get. She is natural wealth, the veiled Isis, the High Priestess of the Tarot. Yemayá and Ochún are said to be her sisters. Oya Herself is said to be the mother of nine children--Egungun and four sets of twins. Yemayá, Yemònja or Yemòja is the queen of the water and her body are all the rivers, lakes and sea flow from her. $21. Mother of the fishes, we are all fishes, she is the mother of us all. $179. 20 Sep 2019 JOIN MY PATREON TEAM for private live-streams, private lessons, recipes, money and love hacks, and a 15 minute consultation! Yönergeleri İzleyelim - Oya G. Jun 24, 2011 · conoce mas en *****santeria-orishas. " She is known as Ọya-Iyansan – the "mother of nine" — due to the Niger River (known to the Yoruba as the Odo-Ọya) traditionally being known for having nine tributaries. Orula, Dame El Ire. Jan 05, 2007 · Goddess Oya is a powerful African Goddess. Oya’s day is Wednesday and her number is 9. If you are a botanica be sure to send us by fax your Tax I. Dec 19, 2016 · The most important danced Orisha are categorized into two groups in the Cuban system. Santo Orisha Yemaya Sculpture Orisha Statue Yemaya Estatua (8 Inch) Oya African Goddess of Wind, Storm & Transformation Statue 12. Oye, Ojo – the wind, air. Oya and Yemaya are not enemies. She is an archetypal Goddess known throughout Africa for her fierce passion and elemental nature. An image of a lightning bolt. Sopera Ochun Yemaya is a deity that chooses her followers. Yemaya is the patron of pregnant women. 1. Este sitio web utiliza cookies para mejorar su experiencia mientras navega por el sitio web. Oya Junto A Chango, Cuídame (Güiro) Grupo Abbilona . Her mother is said to be Yemaya, the Great Sea Mother. Yemaya is the Mother of the Seven Seas, the Santeria Orisha of fertility and motherhood. 8" Ochun Figurine Statue Oshun Yemaya Oya Santeria Oricha. One of our specialty signature #perfumes and oils created by us to release your Also known as YEMANJA, YEMONJA, YEMAYAH, YEMOWO, YEMOJA, YEMOWO, YEMBO, IAMANJIE. Aunque trabaja como hombre, es la divinidad de las aguas saladas. to read more about individual Orisha. No more than a Yemaya, one with seven paths or avatars. He is a warrior orisha with quick wits, quick temper and is the epitomy of virility. Black as night, erotically she runs wild and free finding balance between the wisdom and rage that is Her power! She is a Warrior Queen and a Fire Goddess whose passions are the mighty elements that bring forth the storms of change. Their costumes are highly adorned with cowry shells, embroidery and iconographic appliqués. She also keeps in touch with the dead and is a good ancestor guide. Yemaya es la madre de todos los hijos en la tierra y representa al útero en cualquier especie como fuente de la vida, la fertilidad y la maternidad. Her daughter, Oya (wind) then carries it to land for rain. La mayor, Yemayá, se adentraba en el mar y pescaba para sostener a las otras dos her manas; como Ochún cuidaba de la más pequeña, iba al río, cogía peces y piedras y los vendía. Oshun is the Goddess of Beauty & Wealth. Canto a Yemayá Lyrics: Ya le recé a xangó / Ya le imploré a oyá / También pedí clemencia a olofín / Y hoy le canto a yemayá / Y oxum caridad del pobre / Yemayá, mi guía espiritual Otin (maybe same as Oti) – the servant of Yemaya who, according to an apataki, saved her life in a battle with Oshun. Yemaya Ogunosomi: This Yemaya is born in the Odun Iroso-Obara (4-6) . Skip navigation Sign in Please click on the image for the enlargment. In modern times she is identified with Mary, Our Lady of Regla, and Mary, Star of the Sea. Yemaya is the Mother of the Oceans. Shea butter. Among the Orisha, she is the mother of the most powerful orishas including: Shango (God of thunder and lightening), Ogun (God of iron), Oya (goddess of the   Omio Yemaya" She is associated with the full moon and Neptune. And perhaps, the most misunderstood concept of our time. She is the patron to older women . The orishas are the emissaries of Olodumare or God almighty. De estas cookies, las cookies que se clasifican como necesarias se almacenan en su navegador, ya que son esenciales para el funcionamiento de las funciones básicas del sitio web. Hurricanes come off the coast of Africa where her town is and logically, a hurricane needs the assistance and strength of the ocean to come on shore to Aug 15, 2019 · Yemaya or Yemoja is the Yorùbá Orisha or Goddess, of the Living Ocean. The Purpose of Eleke Filed under September 2011 Her domain is the upper level, the part of the sea that the light strikes, where water evaporates to be carried to land by her daughter Oya (the wind) to make rain for the crops. Oya was the smallest and Oshun took care of her while she fished in the river and collected stones, which they sold. Yemaya’s feast days are traditionally the 7th of September and the 2nd of February that is also associated with her daughter Oya. Oya is a Free Spirit, a Goddess unbound by convention and tradition. Yemaya Te Rindo Pleitesía-Rezo. Yemaya, Oshun y Oya ( Patakies de Oya) Hace mucho tiempo vivían en una tribu tres hermanas: Yemayá, Oshún y Oya, quienes, aunque muy pobres, eran felices. An appropriate sopera. Grupo Abbilona. nathaniel lewis 264,646 views. Yemaya Ibu Alaro: She who lives with the dead in the depths of the ocean and sea. Gods of Santeria. Her name, a shortened version of Yey Omo Eja means "Mother Whose Children are the Fish" to reflect the fact that her children are so numerous that they are uncountable. Manilla de Obatala Pulso de oshun yemaya y oya. D. Saturday is her sacred day of the week. Yemaya lives and rules over the seas and lakes. Oya is the Goddess of Change. les interese. rezos a oya. Oya exercises a special power over the eggúns, because she is the mother of 9 of them. Yemaya is just as much a loving mother orisha as she is a fierce warrior that kills anyone who threatens her children. Fiercely loving, She is wildly unpredictable and can change from benevolent, caring Mother to destructive Warrior in the blink of an eye. en mas de 20 países del mundo, ofreciendo la mayor variedad y calidad del mercado. Oya is the energy of the full moon. En la naturaleza está simbolizada por las olas del mar, por lo que su baile se asemeja el movimiento de las mismas. com y precísenos los objectos que a ud. 27. oya (@her_mentality) May Yemaya renovate and refresh your life with the powers of her waters May Chango give you the strength to fight and win your battles May Oshun fulfill your dreams of love and riches May Oya bring with her Winds of change and prosperity to your realm. This was the time Oya takes the path to the Ile Icu ( cemetary ) as her home. Lleva 9 otá ・ ZOOMにてレッスンを行っております。 5/13(水) 13:00~13:40 Hipトレーニング Yemaya es la madre de todos los hijos en la tierra y representa al útero en cualquier especie como fuente de la vida, la fertilidad y la maternidad. She was born in Ira. She also rules over maternity in our lives as she is the Mother of All. This is a set. September 7 is Her Feast Day and throughout the world, devotees will be making pilgrimage to Her shores to pay respect, celebrate, and pray. Yemaya es un Osha y está en el grupo de los Oshas de cabecera. Oya is actually the Niger River. High quality Yemaya gifts and merchandise. Miscellaneous. Jun 13, 2016 · Through Cuban Yoruba dances such as those of Oya, Ochun, Yemaya and Chango, the collective memory, stories and values of the Yoruba people are preserved, learned and shared among the community Maraca de Yemaya. In Yoruba, the name Oya means "she tore. Yemaya is a mother Goddess. She is considered the Crone aspect of this Triple goddess trilogy. That signifies that she’s the one that brings us through various phases. 99. Yemoja ( Yoruba: Yemọja) is a major water deity from the Yoruba religion. As a Dark Goddess Oya is the Goddess of Death and Renewal. Yemaya was the eldest and kept her two sisters by fishing in the sea. Copper jewelry. A rainbow-colored Oya candle. Yemaya when punishes is inflexible, she is a fortune teller par excellence, she robbed the okpele of Orula and he gave her the diloggún. Oya saw that Chango gave his mother Yemaya first bite of the ram and since that day, Oya said she will never eat it again. this is the best explanation as far as what i know and what my personal beliefs are to be true about their View the profiles of people named Oya Yemaya. Feb 07, 2013 · Yemaya: African Ocean Goddess. Soperas. # to receive Discount Yemaya is the Orisha of the Oggùn river that runs by Òyó and Abeokutá, in the Nupe territory, transfer to territory Cover, in Abeokutá, Ibadán and Shaki. Sometimes Oya is called by the name Yansa. Oshun Ibú Okuanda sopló cascarilla en la cerradura y esta se abrió, espantando a Ikú. 13 Nov 2009 OYA Y YEMAYA. Yemaya Ogunayibo: born in marunla -Ogunda (14-3) Lives in the river and the ocean. Yemaya or Yemoja is celebrated today in Brazil as part of the Pantheon of Candomble. Yemaya’s gentle waves rock the watery cradle of the abundant life forms of the sea. oshun. Yemaya is the Yoruban Orisha or Goddess of the living ocean, considered the Mother of All. The Goddess of home, fertility, love and family. We have all the orishas, We have many more to choose from, Chango, Yemaya, Oshun, Obatala, Oya, Orula, Babalu Aye, Ogum, and most orishas You will absolutely fall in love with them. Madre Universal de la vida. Generally it's said that Oyá is the daughter of Obatalá and Yemú (Yembó). This free game. None the less her own  Understanding the Yoruba Religious beliefs and concepts. Her favorite adimu is ICE believe it or not. com, and list your interests / Para preguntas y pedidas, haga 'clic' aquí mismo: store@folkcuba. Awoyó: La mayor de las Yemaya, la de los más ricos vestidos, la que se ciñe siete faldas para guerrear y defender a sus hijos. Yemaya es la reina primigenia, la diosa sagrada de origen africano que se trasladó a países americanos como Brasil, Colombia y Cuba, entre otros. These orishas bear the scent of ram. She's generally regarded as the elder sister of Ochún, and she's the mother (or foster mother) of almost all the major Orichas. Much of Oya's power is rooted in the natural world; She is the Goddess of thunder, lightning, tornadoes, winds, rainstorms and hurricanes. We turn to Yemaya for nourishment, healing, cleansing, and protection. En una época muy remota, vivían en una tribu tres hermanas: Yemayá, Ochún y Oyá, quienes, aunque muy pobres, eran felices. A Warrior-Queen, She is the sister-wife of the God Shango, to whom She gave the power to create storms. dioses, santeria, fantasia. Pataki de Yemaya y sus encantos Yemayá ante la gran necesidad de hacerle Ifa a su hijo, consigue el secreto de Orisha Oko, de forma ingeniosa, ¡Entra para saber que hizo! Pataki de Yemaya con rencores hacia Orisha Oko Yemaya Okoto - Pirate Witch Queen . I urge those who wish to work with her on any regular basis to constantly search out more Orisha Oya Porcelain Sopera Yoruba Santeria Potiche Soupterine $120. She lives on top of the waters but also loves the mountains. she is a warrior with Ogun and Shango. For Oya, goddess of the Niger river and ruler of storms, set the altar with: Her crown. Discovered using Shazam, the music discovery app. Soupterine / Soperas de Santo , Ocha, Soupterine, Soup Tureens, Pots, Ceramic Bowls, Jar, Sopera, Potiches WE SELL WHOLESALE / VENDEMOS AL POR MAYOR 305 984-0269 Las hijas e hijos de la Orisha Yemaya / Yemanja son únicos, si compartes tu vida con ellos / ellas, al momento las conocerá. In the catholic church (even though I don't believe in the mixture of orisha and catholism anymore) is Nuestra Senora de las Nieves. Lyrics for Yemaya by Abbilona. Yemaya’s aché is nurturing, protective and fruitful. 54. YEMAYA PATHS Awoyó: Most of Yemaya, the richest of the dresses, the skirts, which follows seven to war and defend their children. 23 Jan 2018 The Orishas: Orunla, Osain, Oshun, Oya, and Yemaya. 1,290 Likes, 12 Comments - solomoon. Some say you were the goddess of the sea, but tricked into trading it for the cemetery by Yemaya. A discussion of the Orisha is very complex and involved, and definitely impossible to fit into the time slot we have available. Shipped with USPS Retail Ground. She offers protection to women. This beautiful doll measures approx. Patakis tell us that Yemaya is the daughter of Olokun, she was the wife at different times of Obatalá, Orula, Agayú, Babalú Aye, Orisha Oko, and in some stories, Ogún. OYA Orisha Goddess from Pinterest (no artist attributed) OYA is the Ruler of the Wind and Ruler of Tornadoes and She claims lightning as one of Her powers as Apr 15, 2012 · Oya is the raw, unbrindled, untamed destructive Power of Nature that is followed by creation of the new. Del mismo modo, si Oya se consagró, Changó y Yemayá (o Inle) no pueden estar en cualquier lugar cerca de sus artículos. Slim fit, order a size up if you’d like it less fitting. The word Omo is used in a generic sense. Oya lo encerró en una torre, dejando la puerta vigilada por Ikú (La muerte), a quien Shango le temía. 28 May 2016 Yemaya, Oya, Ochun, Chango @ Callejon de Hamel, la Habana 2016-05-08. Fans, seashells, canoes, coral, and the moon all represent her. Shango le prometió a Oshun que si lo liberaba se casaría con ella. 🏳️‍ 🤸 ‍♀️🧘 ‍♀️ MGMT: @Atari_Jones . Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought. Red gourds. Join Facebook to connect with Oya Yemaya and others you may know. Los hijos de Yemaya y Shango no la reciben durante el Sodo Orisha y cuando se asienta como Orisha tutelar, sus hijos deben recibir Yemaya con un ritual especial. Yemaya makes her residence in life-giving portion of the ocean (although some of her roads can be found in lagoons or lakes in the forest). If you are interested in become a part of the religion, or doing a paper for school, you may want to read the FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions) about Oya's attributes are the sword or machete and the flywhisk, and Her animal is the water buffalo, in Whom She sometimes manifests. Lleva 9 otá marrones o carmelitas que se recogen en el río. net Canto a Oshun, Obatala, Chango, Yemaya, Elegua y Oya. For questions and orders, click here: store@folkcuba. She oversees the waves and the myriad of life forms that call the ocean their home. Quizá aburrida de la monotonía de la vida conyugal o, a lo mejor, cansada de la aspereza de su marido, comenzó a serle infiel con un hombre de vida desordenada llamado Babalú Ayé. So when Chango or Yemaya (or Inle) are being consecrated, Oya’s items must be out of the sacred room (Igbodú). The Orisha - these Forces are at the core of our religious system. Fue hace mucho . yemaya ashere ibolere ohh a colona fu awa ibolere iborele ohh a colona fu awa ibolere ibolere ohh a colona fu awa iboleree ibolere ohh conoce mas en santeria-orishas. Mother of all Orishas. Cloth. The feminine energy of Rāhu (similar to Chinnamasta or Vajrayogini) manifests through the form called Oya (Oiá, Iansã, Iansan). African Mythology African Goddess Oya Goddess Yemaya Orisha Orishas Yoruba Moda Afro Yoruba Religion Black Anime Characters Black Art Pictures What others are saying Yemaya & oxaguian Oxaguian in Yoruba mythology is a young warrior, son of Oxalufan Oxaguian is a young Oxalá . Very calm and soothing for birthing situations. Her most ancient and full name, Yeyé Omo Ejá, means “Mother whose Children are the Fish. TRATADO DE YEMAYA Este orisha es femenino. Oya is one of the so-called Orishas of the dead with her sisters Obba and Yewa. But she has a curious aversion to salt — so she will Oya es la mujer favorita de Shangó, la dueña del cementerio, sus vientos ayudan a sostener la vida después que las aguas de Oshun y Yemaya han dado vida y significación ó propósito. Leave some distance between these two powerful orishas. Oya has never entirely forgiven her. In some ways, she is very similar to the Hindu deity Kali except that she isn’t considered *the* goddess of death. This brief Spirit Work entry will not attempt to properly address all the caminos de Yemaya. Oya. TU TIENDA ESOTÉRICA ONLINE: ARTÍCULOS DE SANTERÍA, MUÑECAS, ROPAS Y COMPLEMENTOS *Notice: Due to the current situation due to the COVID-19 crisis, our products and services may be affected both in the manufacturing and in the delivery times. Oya, Yansa – third and favorite wife of Shango, Orisha of thunder, storms, wind, change, female strength and martial arts. She is the owner of life and death. She promotes storms, strong or hurricane winds and sparks. Very great was the love between the three sisters. Ashe Yaya Maria Jan 24, 2018 · Yemayá, also known as Yemoja and Iemanjá, came to Brazil, Cuba and Haiti with the Yoruba people of Nigeria in the 1600’s during the African diaspora. Live Music at Home: Lynyrd Skynyrd, Hall & Oates, The Dead South By Paste Staff April 6, 2020; The 10 Albums We're Most Excited About in April By Paste Staff April 2, 2020; 10 New Albums to Stream Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought. It is more frightening and most senior Oya, the owner of the cemetery, the spark and Gale, Chango concubine. She is the Mother Goddess, Goddess of the Night. Spirit Work: Yemaya (also spelled Yemoja, Iemoja, or Yemaya) Yemaya is a very powerful spirit who has has many different “caminos” (roads/paths) or aspects. She also represents change and consistency - bringing forth life, protecting it, and changing it as is necessary. Yemaya Oya Ochun. Oya Orisha, Shango Orisha, Ifa Religion, Yoruba Religion, African Mythology, African Goddess, Oshun Y Yemaya, Oshun Goddess, Yoruba Orishas. Take a look at your own preferences in life. Yemaya stood there and listened to her daughter and could not believe that Oya would be so angry and ignited to start war over a man . Her name is a contraction of Yey Omo Eja, which means "Mother Whose Children are the Fish. " As all life is thought to have begun in the sea, all life Oya's flag, skirts and cloths carry a combination of all colors except black. Lleva 9 otá On February 2nd we celebrate two of the most powerful Orishas: Yemaya and Oya Yemaya or Yemoja is celebrated today in Brazil as part of the Pantheon of Candomble. YEMAYA es tan vieja The Orishas. Oshun could not hear the screams of Oya nor heard Yemaya. She who moves with the egguns. Browns, orange, purples, blue, she’s multicolred. Yemayá era la mayor y mantenía a sus dos hermanas pescando en el mar. Santería Milagrosa, es una empresa de prestigio internacional dedicada a la fabricación, importación y distribución de artículos exotéricos, magia ritual, metafísica, Santería, Umbanda, Kimbanda, Candomblé, Palo Mayombe, Abakua, Vudú, Chamanismo, etc. Yemaya is the Orisha of the Oggùn river that runs by Òyó and Abeokutá, in the Nupe territory, transfer to territory Cover, in Abeokutá, Ibadán and Shaki. El Tratado de Ẹṣù - Ẹlẹgbará, Eshu - Elegbara o eshu elegua, es un libro que ha sido escrito teniendo en cuenta que muchas personas, especialmente los religiosos Yorùbá (Yorubas), desean tener en sus manos un documento que recoja los secretos de este Òrìṣà u Orisha al cual llaman con diferentes denominaciones como: Esu, Eshu, Elewa, Eleggua, Elewá, Elegbara, el Orisa que From our Membership Agreement "Lulu is a place where people of all ages, backgrounds, experience, and professions can publish, sell, or buy creative content such as novels, memoirs, poetry, cookbooks, technical manuals, articles, photography books, children's books, calendars, and a host of other content that defies easy categorization. her places in the homes are the bedrooms, children's rooms, and the bathroom. One of Oya’s characteristics is the wind that causes hurricanes. She represents the chaos of the storm, and sudden and drastic change. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Yemoja is motherly and strongly protective, and cares Oya's attributes are the sword or machete and the flywhisk, and Her animal is the water buffalo, in Whom She sometimes manifests. Musica Santera, videos, imagenes y articulos de santeria en: santeriareligion. Oya T-Shirts on Redbubble are expertly printed on ethically sourced, sweatshop-free apparel and available in a huge range of styles, colors and sizes. One day the tribe was invaded by enemy troops. Ye-mo-ja origins from the name Yeye–Omo-Eja, mother of the fish. Yemonja, Yoruban deity celebrated as the giver of life and as the metaphysical mother of all orisha (deities) within the Yoruba spiritual pantheon. Yemaya is the daughter of a mortal god-human, Obatala, and his wife. Reference 14RU45. Oba is Changos first wife. In some communities, Yemaya was also married to a male Orisha, Ogun. Free shipping. com Yemaya la dueña y señora del mar. Do meditate and take in Oya's power during the wind, rain, snow and thunder storms, for She speak to those who listen. Stanton. Offerings include chocolate, eggplant, beets, purple grapes Los orishas de la Santeria, elegua, ogun, chango, yemaya, obatala, oya, oshun, orula, ozain, babaluaye Nov 21, 2010 · Oya is the Orisha of wind, storms, thunder, and change. Let the multiple energies of the divine feminine light your path. You are an Orisha with many sisters. 5 inches or 70 centimeter. Re: Anyone working with Yemaya and Oya? Post by AmnesiaReminisced » Sat Jan 21, 2012 4:31 pm i will refer to a link to explain what i understand as they are aspects of the divine for a culture other than my own, which hails from Africa. 6k Followers, 301 Following, 8,353 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from solomoon. Pataki of the three sisters: Oshun, Yemaya and Oya. Her stylish blue and crystal skirts billow in wave-like motions. She cleanses Iba Oya, Praise to the Spirit of the Wind, Ajalaiye, Ajalorun, winiwini, The Winds of Earth and Heaven are wondrous, Mbe mbe ma Yansan, May there always be a Mother of Nine, Ase. Oct 29, 2015 · Oya is the protector of women and patron of feminine leadership. 2 Ritual foods. She is often syncretized with either Our Lady of Regla in the afrocuban diaspora or various other Virgin Mary figures of the Catholic Church, a practice that emerged during the era of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. Beautifully, dressed Oshun orisha doll unique on the market. Is a warrior along side of OGUN. Jul 05, 2012 · This is offerings to Yemaya, Oshun, and Oya as creators of life, love, and positive change. Yemaya is the Mother of the Sea, the Great Water, the Womb of Creation. Yemaya's gentle waves rock the watery cradle of the abundant life forms of the sea. Rezos a orishas ochosi, obatala, oya, ochun, yemaya, chango y orunmila. Musica Santera, videos, imagenes y articulos de Dec 04, 2016 · The details of the stories may have already tipped you off to this conclusion, if you have worked your way through previous Star Myth examinations presented on this blog or in the "Myths" section of the Star Myth World website, as well as some of the "Videos" on the same website, and especially if you have worked your way through any of the volumes of the Star Myths of the World series of books. May 23, 2010 · Understanding Our Orisha - Oya and Yemaya. Published On enero 19, 2014 » 21960 Views» By Deadman La Nueva Orden » 1 stars. ochÚn yeyÉ no gbogbo, ibÚ layÉ, nibÚ gbobo om oricha leuwe ni tosi gbo. She often comes to them in a vision, dream or concept that clarifies the Union between the Goddess and the Student. Oct 10, 2009 · On occasion adherents of the Yoruba religion make offerings to the Orishas: deities of African origin. 5" Orisha OYA Statue Santeria Lucumi Yoruba Figure Goddess of Wind & Storm Her domain is the upper level, the part of the sea that the light strikes, where water evaporates to be carried to land by her daughter Oya (the wind) to make rain for the crops. Wholesaler. Yemaya is maternal, dignified and nurturing, the spiritual mother of all. I have felt your presence. Facebook gives people the power to share Oya is not averse to a bit of strong-arm stuff and has had a few conflicts with Shango — her consort — and Yemaya. *Priority shipping only; due to weight. Angered Goddess Oya may call forth tornadoes and lightening. 00 Eternal Love Keepsake Urns Set of 4 - Solid Brass Shades of Enamel Mini Urns -Forever Remembered Token Urn - Handcrafted and Affordable Minature Urns for Ashes Her domain is the upper level, the part of the sea that the light strikes, where water evaporates to be carried to land by her daughter Oya (the wind) to make rain for the crops. Share  23 Sep 2013 Coello-YEMAYÁ, Jovanis Rodríguez Romero-OBATALÁ, Yordanka Michel Almendárez-OYÁ at the Salsa Festival Santiago de Cuba 2013. Together, these two Orishas Sep 07, 2016 · Yemaya is the imposing Mother of Oceans, Orisha, Goddess, All Mother from the Yoruban and Afro-Caribbean traditions. They recognise themselves and are recognised through their different numbers and colors which are their marks, and each has their own favorite foods and other things which they like to receive as offerings and gifts. Set of 4 Soupterine Oshun Yemaya Obbatala Oya. Can be used in a double format. Yaya Maria is also a spiritual medium who works closely with her spiritual guides to help you fulfill your spiritual needs with the assistance of the Orishas and the Spirits. Fresh eggplants. omio Yemaya! Yemaya isn't always the heavy breasted loving ocean mother of the world. blogspot**** Yemaya la dueña y señora del mar. Jan 23, 2018 · Yemaya is the orisha of lakes and seas and the patron of women and of motherhood. Yemaya though and though and she did not have any idea of what to get Olofi. Email *. Long ago in a tribe lived three sisters:Yemaya, Oshun and Oya, who, though very poor, they were happy. Soperas de Santo de oshun, obatala, oya yemaya y mas. 3-Day Orisha Candle SetYemaya, Oya, Oba & Oshun. oyÁ yegbe, iya me sa o yÓ orun afefÉ icÚ lele bi oke ayaba gbogbo oyÁ obinrin oga mi anÓ gbogbo egun oricha ni abaya oyu ewa oyÁnsan oyeri gekua iya mi obinrin ni kiuko le fun o lu gba ni olofi ni to si wa oyÁ ba nikua odukue. Ozain, Osanyin – a forest Orisha and owner of omiero. 00. This is the Courtyard that Introduces You to Pagan Goddesses: Hecate, Inanna, Kwan Yin, Oshun, Oya, Yemeya Orishas: Yemaya and Oya. Do not feed or venerate them side by side. Her number is nine, Her color is burgundy or purple, and Her metal is copper. She is associated with Our Lady of Regla, the protector of sailors. So be it. Oya is known as a fierce warrior and strong protector of Orisha Oya is closely related to Iku, the divinity of death. Hurricanes come off the coast of Africa where her town is and logically, a hurricane needs the assistance and strength of the ocean to come on shore to Oya is one of the most powerful African Goddesses (Orishas). Agogo de Obatala Yemaya is a provider, a fierce protector, a soft voice of reason, a majesty of strength, and a strict ruler of human morality. They were done at the beach in Haifa, Israel. Last one . Grupo Abbilona . jpg Es la madre de todos los hijos sobre la tierra, Es Orisha de cabecera, repesenta el ùtero en todas las especies como fuente de vida, fertilidad y maternalidad. Rating . Iyá Omo Aiyé. orisha "oya yansa" (17) orisha "yemaya" (14) orisha "yewa" (2) orisha aggayu sola (2) orisha babalu-aye (5) orisha chango (14) orisha eleggua (35) orisha inle o erinle (1) orisha obba (1) orisha oggun (4) orisha oko (2) orisha orula (3) orisha oshossi (6) orisha oshun (14) orisha oya (12) orisha yemaya (6) orisha yewa (1) orishas "los ibeyis Así que cuando Chango o Yemaya (o Inle) están consagrados, artículos de Oya deben estar fuera de la habitación sagrada (Igbodú). Oya's flag, skirts and cloths carry a combination of all colors except black. Oya's attributes are the sword or machete and the flywhisk, and Her animal is the water buffalo, in whom She sometimes manifests. Yemayà okerè okun olomi karagbo osa bio lewu ayintegbe awa si leku yemayà obini ku wa yo kueana o kun iya saori ere egba miò o. In Candomblé, Oya is known as Oiá, lyá Mésàn, or most commonly, Iansã, from the Manillas ,idles, ,Santeria,elekes,coronas,manillas de Ochun,manillas de Oya ,manillas de Yemaya,manillas de Obatala Yemaya means Mother of Water, “The Mother Whose Children Are the Fish” In traditional Yoruba culture and all over the world and spirituality, Yemaya is a mother spirit; patron spirit of women, especially pregnant women; She is the patron deity of the Ogun river but she is also worshiped at streams, creeks, springs in addition to wells and run-offs. Yaya Maria is a Palo Mayombe initiated high priestess and Iyalorisha Omo Oya, Santeria initiated high priestess under the mysteries of the Orisha Oya. Although Yoruba women didn’t hunt, Oya is an accomplished huntress. Orishas Perfume invokes the blessings of Oya Goddess of the wind, Yemaya Goddess of the oceans and Oshun Goddess of the rivers to attract #Protection, #Abundance and #Love in every woman that wears it. In Diloggún speaks Oddi (7) his day is Saturday. The winds of Oya carry the pollen of different plants from one place to another. This stopped her from falling in love and in turn made her dislike the idea of marriage. Each deity is related to some element or force of nature, which is why the Yoruba religion is often celebrated as a medium for communion with the environment, with those entities for which modernity, in its ascent, has lost respect. She is the Òrìṣà of wind, thunder, magic as well as the commotion of the marketplace. Favored people: Yemaya-Olokun (Iemanja) Yemaya is the Orisha of the oceans (all salt water). They rule over the forces of nature and the endeavors of humanity. Aug 05, 2016 · Orisha YEMAYA. She’s multi-colored, because she is actually the energy of the chakras. She is a mystery. 1 Characteristics. The only dilemma between them is the ram. lives in a sopera covered in mariwo . She is also an orisha of Oya had always listened to her mother's advise but not on this occasion, and from that time on Oya grew distant from Yemaya. Elegua Obatala Orunmila. It is said that one day Chango was eating with his mother Yemaya and Oya and  20 Apr 2018 Among them are Eleggua, Obatala, Yemaya, Oya, Oshun, Shango, and Ogun. Similarly if Oya is being consecrated, Chango and Yemaya (or Inle) cannot be anywhere near her items. Oya is the elder sister to the goddesses Yemaya and Oshun. In this manifestation, Ibu Okoto is the underwater assassin who carries a dagger between her teeth and pulls down ships, boats and sailors lost at sea cutting their throats and filling the waters with human blood. Oya is also the air we breathe; she provides the air with the right amount of oxygen to keep us alive and functioning. Yemonja’s name is derived from the Yoruba words Yeye or Iya (“mother”), omo (“child/children”), and eja (“fish”) and thus literally means “Mother whose Yemaya works with the Orisha Olokun to rule the sea and all of the oceans. Yemaya was the most beautiful woman but she was insecure because she only had one breast. Like water she represents both change and constancy bringing forth life, protecting it, and changing it as is necessary. Home Photos Ceremonies Offerings to Eshu, Yemaya, Oshun, Oya, and Obatala for August 23, 2012 Offerings to Eshu, Yemaya, Oshun, Oya, and Obatala for August 23, 2012 Sheloya August 24, 2012 February 23, 2015 Ceremonies , Healing , Love and Attraction , Photos , Protection Oya tiene un magnetismo impresionante y es respetada y temida por la furia con la hace su presencia… su cólera no sólo proviene de la fuerza que le dan los desencarnados, sino del rencor que tiene tras ser despojada del mar por Yemaya (en complicidad con Shango), haciéndole creer que el cementerio era más bello que el océano, de ahí la errada explicación de que Oya no puede estar en That word you use when you are surprised or don't understand something. Registro to Yemaya asumió el papel de madre y su hermana oshun se encargo de cuidar a su hermana oya las tres mujeres tomaron roles para mantener la economía familiar, yemaya pescaba en el mar oshun buscaba piedra y lavaba en el río mientras tanto oya buscaba piedras hermosas para venderla en el mercado de ese pueblo Aquí sí se puede establecer quien puede tener el dominio cuando observamos que aparece el viento estamos en la presencia de Oya, pero cuando los mares intervienen con su fuerza es innegable pensar en Yemaya la reina, aunque una necesita de la otra, ambas se diferencian sobre todo por la locación donde se encuentran Cuba y Nigeria, perjudican YEMAYA, YEMONJA, YEMANYA, IEMONJA. Yemayá Okute era la esposa del campesino Ogún. She is likened to the patron saints Lady of Regla, and Mary, Star of the Sea. Yemaya is also a West African Goddess. **This is the reason they grew apart and Oya never ate lamb again. Yemaya tricked Oya into permanently trading places. Jan 28, 2002 · Actually this is a very famous saying about this Yemaya in Cuba. ” She rules over the Seven Seas and large lakes. According to legend, Yemaya's first gift to her beloved humans was a sea shell in which her voice could always be heard. "I am the daughter of the deep blue sea, I am the daughter of the pounding waves, I am the daughter of the bright ocean foam. Es adivina por excelencia, duña de los caracoles de oscha, en la naturaleza se representa con las olas del mar, su color es el azul en todas sus tonaliadades y su nùmero el 7. Yemaya Okot: She lives in the red tide and is a fierce Oya Orisha Shango Orisha Ifa Religion Yoruba Religion African Mythology African Goddess Oshun Y Yemaya Oshun Goddess Yoruba Orishas The Orisha Horoscope is one of the least widespread horoscopes and therefore known of all horoscopes in the world. TRES MUJERES (YEMAYA,OCHUN,OYA) TRES MUJERES (YEMAYA,OCHUN,OYA) 30. Paintings by Sandra M. A statue or other image of Oya. / "Clic" por las fotos chiquitas para ver la ampliacón. In Cuba, Yemonja was creolized as Yemaya. Prayer for Yemaya: Iyá eyá ayaba okun omá iré gbogbo awani Iyá Shangó: Perhaps the most 'popular' of the orishas, Shangó rules over lightning, thunder, fire, the drums and dance. Es natural de OBEOKUTA, pero sus adoradores principales son el pueblo EGBADO, la reina de los EGBADO es OKOTO, que también se le conoce con el nombre de OBSA. One group is the "royal category" of the palace, with Shango, Oshun, Yemaya, Obatala, Oya and Aganju Shola. Cuando sale a pasear, se pone los adornos de Olokun y se corona con el arcoiris, Ochumare. Oya saw that Shango gave his mother Yemaya first bite of the ram and since that day, Oya said she will never eat it again. Mother, Lover, Warrior. This is strictly because of the Yemaya is the Yorùbá Orisha or Goddess of the living Ocean, considered the mother of all. She is the Mother of Dreams and Secrets. Osun de oya. Her colors are white and blue. We're said to share personality traits with our Orisha, who  She is also said to be the mother of Ogun, Sango, Oya, Osun, Oba, Orisha Oko, Babaluaiye, and Osoosi. Aug 07, 2014 · Oya Lyrics: Even if I feel the sun on my skin everyday / If I don't feel you / Even if I see the most beautiful things up in the sky / If I don't see you / Take me Oya / Take me Oya / Take me Nov 28, 2009 · Yemaya Oggun Asomi: She is a warrior with Ogun and Shango. In fact, it is believed that Yemaya actual was the goddess Isis, so that the likelihood that the Virgin of Regla, Spain, had originally been Isis, also, is truly one of the most ironic facts of the development of religion through the process of syncretism. One of the Orishas, she is a sensuous, slow-moving figure, just like the water she represents. She is the source of all the waters, including the rivers of western Africa, especially the River Ogun. Accompanies Oya. Commonly known as Oya Yoruba or Oya Orisha – Orisha is Spirit in human form – She rules extremes in weather: Wind, rain, thunder and lightning; Death and rebirth. Posted in Goddess Project, Goddess Things tagged African Goddesses, Goddess of Women's issues, Orishas, Yemaya at 8:06 am by Babs. As a Crone Goddess She is a teacher of truth and a bringer of justice. The name Yemoja is a shortened version of Yey Omo Eja, which means "Mother Whose Children are Fish" meaning that she has too many children to be able to count. Te van a dar la impresión de que son fuertes, su carácter serio hace que sientas respeto por ella o ellos, pero luego al conocerlos te sentirás al gusto a su lado Click on the names of the Orisha below. blogspot. Caracoles de Yemaya Oràculo del Dilogùn. oya and yemaya

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